I’m literally salivating over some of the new stuff shown off by Hasbro in the Marvel Universe and Marvel Legengds lines! Take a look at these things that I will want to procure in late-Q3/early-Q4.

Images stolen from Marvelous News (ML, MU), as you can see from their watermark. I’m a thief, oh well.

I absolutely hate that they gave him that over-sized web-slinging hand from the Freedom-Foundation/Big Time Spider-Man that came out earlier this year. I like it when he’s got an open hand so you have him bitch slap people, but this is a bit silly. I might finally be forced to try my hand –Ha, get it? Hand? Ahhhh?— at some Apoxie sculpting. HRM. HRM I SAY. Hopefully they’ll do a variant in his classic green/yellow threads too, but I can dig the white/gold if necessary.

Look at all the glorious figures in this box-set! Apoc (whom I never saw hit retail in our area, which is fine because the paint work on this release is far better), Mr. Sinister (previously only in a two pack with a Gambit that had terrible QA issues), Angel, Ice Man (who looks really cool), and redecos of Jean/Cyclops (available in a two-pack with more modern colors, of which I’m not into). I’ve got a spot in my room planned for this amazing fight scene already.

Now all I need is a Stryfe in this scale so I can set up an Executioner’s Song section on one of my shelves. I should probably pick up Cable while he’s still around too, so I don’t regret not having one to fight Stryfe if they ever decide to make one.

MMMMMMMM! Cannot wait for this set to drop, seriously.

Next up are some of the two-packs coming out, and I want three of the four announced. The Cap/Magnus one is pretty cool, but that’ll be the one I buy last, if at all. I will not miss out on the Spidey/Rhino and Silver Centurian/Mandarin duos though, even if I have to pay a bit more through Entertainment Earth or BBTS.

Rhino looks incredibly beefy.

Mandarin looks surprisingly good, and I’ll gobble up SC when I see him. My favorite armor will be mine!

This Spidey/Doom pack is really interesting to me. I’m looking forward to reading the issue bundled with them, as I’ve never seen these costumes before. I assume they’re tied into the Freedom Foundation arc, but I haven’t read it yet.

Make sure you check out the diorama Hasbro set up too. It makes me really jealous that I only wound up with one Sentinel, since they gave me some really cool ideas on how to deconstruct and display a few of them at once.

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