The Paralympics Logo Annoys Me

I’ve always found the Olympics to be a highly inspirational thing. Growing up as a kid with asthma, Jackie Joyner-Kersee showed me that even though I had a condition that made some things tough, I could still fight through them with proper conditioning and the right medication. I think it’s amazing that there’s such a thing as the Paralympic Committee that helps people with far worse debilitations accomplish great things. With something that’s so inspirational as their mission statement. their brand is anything but inspiring.

The logo from 1988 through 1993 at least had five shapes with the same colors as the traditional Olympic logo.

They’re not rings, they’re Taegeuk, better known as half of a yin-yang symbol. I guess it’s some sort of zen-like message, but all I see are things that aren’t rings, and look more like misshapen blobs. It’s like you’re sort of Olympic athletes, but you can’t use the rings because you’re not normal athletes.

For the decade starting in 1994, they dropped down to just three Taegeuk. Now, you’re not only worthy of rings, you only get three of them.

I don’t know why green, red, and blue were maintained, but what happened in 2004 is really strange.

What the fuck? Seriously? I guess they’re trying to inject some sort of energy and implied movement with these shapes, but all I see are Nike swooshes that have been held under a magnifying glass in the sun.

Why can’t they just use the Olympic rings? Is it that demeaning to the ‘real’ athletes participating in the games? It’s very bizarre to me. I understand that none of the competitors are perfect, but why represent them with a logo that signifies that?

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