The lure of some movies.

I’m a massive Tarantino fan, and whenever I see one of his movies in the guide when I’m flipping through, I have to put it on and watch it. Today, it happened to be Pulp Fiction, one of the most-quotable movies of all time.

Fabienne: Whose motorcycle is this?
Butch: It’s a chopper, baby.
Fabienne: Whose chopper is this?
Butch: It’s Zed’s.
Fabienne: Who’s Zed?
Butch: Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

Not only is it insanely quote-friendly, there’s intense scenes in this movie that I still sit on the edge of my seat for. I’ve — conservatively speaking — seen this movie in its entirety twenty times. Every single time Mia is coding out on Lance’s floor my heart skips a beat. The emotion is so incredible!

Outside of Tarantino flicks, I can think of a few more that always suck me in.

  • Anything Star Wars (Original trilogy, modern trilogy, Clone Wars animated movies, whatever it is)
  • Any of the Jurassic Park movies (Especially one and two!)
  • Any Miyazaki film (How’s Moving Castle is my favorite)
  • Spaceballs
  • My Cousin Vinny
  • Tremors and Tremors II
  • Roadhouse

A lot of these captivated me when I was younger, and their grasp is just as strong. I don’t know how many of these would make a top 10 or 20 list if I had to whittle down my absolute favorites, but they’re really fucking good. The common thread with most of them is that they’re just fun as hell and captivate on a few different levels.

I don’t have a ton of interaction on my blog, but anyone want to chime in with some of their movies that you always watch when you come across them?

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