Restocking my desk’s shelf with toys!

My lights are all in place on the shelf connected to my desk, and I’ve started to fill them back up again! I took the opportunity to switch all the Transformers on my desk to the opposite of what they were when I took them down. It was pretty fun getting into all the different transformations, especially since I haven’t done most of them in a very long time.

The copious amount of Decepticons I have from the Prime series takes up quite a bit of space while in their alt modes. I’ll be switching them back to robots first to reclaim space. Here’s a few pictures to show where I am thus far. The ‘cons take up two thirds of the shelf, so I’ve had to move the Predacons to a lower spot, since they don’t all fit together. I’m okay with it because I’m a sucker for these dragon guys, and I’ll probably fiddle with them more while they’re closer.

I’m also enthralled with the new “simplified” Predaking, so I’m thinking about doing a full post just on him next week. I’m giddy when I look at him!

You can see that there’s still a lot of clutter on the wide shot, because I’ve just picked everything up off the floor and stuffed it on the desk so I could feel like I was cleaning up a little bit. I’ve got plans to move my three favorite characters (Skywarp, Cliffjumper, and Hound) to a different shelf for a more prominent display in my room.

I don’t know how museums curate their collections. I have so many things I want to display, but limited space with which to do so. It’s tough discerning what I want to take down to make more room, and it’s a very inexact science of cycling things out.

I’ll be back with more pictures as things settle in after all my rearranging!

Toy photography

Over on my Instagram (metalfrog), I tend to share a lot of photos of the toys I collect. Once in a while I’ll still play with them like I did when I was younger, by giving them stories, and having them fight. I don’t have that in me as much, which is weird because my imagination still works because of what I do for a living, it’s just too laborious to do it with my toys.

My fun with them comes from posing them and snapping pictures now, and it’s pretty cool that there’s a big community for that on Instagram. I got Whirl a few weeks ago, and finally decided to apply the decals he came with. They add a lot of nice detail to him, and it was pretty relaxing focusing that hard on all these little stickers the other day.