I redid some lighting today!

The shelf next to my desk — er, rather, attached to my desk — is where I put the toys I’m most enamored with so I can easily fiddle with them as I see fit. When I bought the shelf from Ikea, it was twelve 13″ x 13″ cubes, so I set the lights up to wrap into each cube, around the dividing wall.

I had the idea recently that I’d like the shelves to be open instead, so I took the dividers out to leave me with two large spaces. I only have one decent picture with an example of how it looked.


My OCD finally caught up to me, and I decided to unload the stuff on the shelving unit and redo the lights properly. I swear it doesn’t look like this much stuff when it’s all set up properly, but on the floor it looks like a lot!


The lighting is finally on point, so all I have to do is get everything all posed and in place again…


It also gave me an excuse to set up the scanner the old man got me for Christmas. Four months isn’t that bad, right? Right?