I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela tonight!

Had a really great time. Was going to see them a while ago, but Gabriela hurt her wrist and had to back out of some dates during that tour. I can totally see why, though, because she drums on her guitar flamenco style, and they’re so uptempo that something’s got to give.

Rodrigo sang a cover of STP’s Plush that was pretty great. The whole crowd was into it. They also threw in some covers of The Beatles, Metallica, Tool, and some famous riffs from Cream, Zeppelin, and Hendrix. It was fun seeing their energy in person after being a big fan of their recorded work.

Other than the fun covers and short homage riffs, they did all of their big songs, and some stuff off the new album that sounded pretty cool. They had Go Pros on their guitar necks, so there were awesome shots of their fingerings being projected on the wall behind them all night. So fun seeing them frantically fret, strum, pluck, and palm their way through songs.

Oh, the wah-wah effect on an acoustic guitar may be my favorite thing ever now. It’s so damned funky.

Have some shitty cellphone pictures!

Here’s an old video of them playing Orion, as an example of what made me so damned happy tonight.

And here they are on Letterman playing Diablo Rojo, one of my favorites.

So fucking good.

Oh, you know, just having fun at a show.

Megalinie Productions took some awesome pictures at the Lionheart show my sister and I went to in Utica last Friday. There’s an album with a ton of great pictures, but I stole a bunch of the ones that have me and my sister in them to archive on my own site.

I’m a thief, but the pictures are watermarked and I’m giving full credit to the artist, so I think it’s okay.

Check out the genuine smile in almost every one of those pictures. Outside of the ones where I’m being a tough guy and singing along or dancing, of course.