So I’m flipping through my guide, and I come across this…

Worst show ever?

Can you imagine the person pitching this show to a network? Can you imagine a network picking it up and airing it? Can you imagine anyone sitting there and watching it? Does anything about this synopsis, title of show, or name of the episode scream “comedy” to you?

If if does, we probably shouldn’t be friends.


I Love Fallen Celebrity Commercials

I hesitate to call Biz Markie a celebrity –since he only had one ‘hit’ song  twenty-three years ago  (though he gets bonus points for having a prototypical 80’s video with bad lip-syncing) — but his commercials are a perfect example of what I like to call a Fallen Celebrity Commercials.

First, watch the commercial, then we’ll break it down.

Awful, right?  Here’s the elements I look for when when classifying this genre of commercial:

  1. A product that only has a niche target audience — Check. I don’t know who needs this service, but anyone that stupid deserves to pay for this.
  2. A “celebrity” with decent name-recognition — Check. If you don’t know his name, you’ll know his song at the end.
  3. Low-budget commercial with a ridiculous premise and terrible production values (often exhibits poorly re-dubbed segments) — CheckLooks like something a high school media department would whip up in an afternoon.
  4. A retooled catch-phrase for which the person is best known — Check. The only line, of the only song he’s known for, lyric changed to name-drop the service.

We’ve definitely got a Fallen Celebrity Commercial on our hands! It also appears that he’s stoned out of his damn mind, so who knows how may times they had to re-record this 30 second spot. He can’t be making more than 10 grand for this, can he?