Oh, you know, just having fun at a show.

Megalinie Productions took some awesome pictures at the Lionheart show my sister and I went to in Utica last Friday. There’s an album with a ton of great pictures, but I stole a bunch of the ones that have me and my sister in them to archive on my own site.

I’m a thief, but the pictures are watermarked and I’m giving full credit to the artist, so I think it’s okay.

Check out the genuine smile in almost every one of those pictures. Outside of the ones where I’m being a tough guy and singing along or dancing, of course.

I love Lake George

I know people complain that it’s touristy, but it’s one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m a sucker for water, and being near it centers me. It’s so serene and relaxing watching the waves ripple, and taking in the sensation of the wind blowing onto shore.

Lake George from the viewing dock

I feel so at peace in urban environments; I enjoy the pavement, the structures, and constant buzz you get from active cities. Maybe that’s why I like touristy locales like Lake George and St. Augustine, Florida. I get the best of civilization and nature all in one spot.

Since I only took that one picture that’s featured above, here’s a gallery of pictures I stole from my sister and psuedo-brother, Will.

Weekend get-a-way with my sister!


The WordPress mobile app is pretty damned solid. Trying to blog while your sister’s driving down the Taconic is an extremely harrowing experience. I introduced my sister to Lionheart a while back, and she’s rather smitten with them. They’re doing a short tour on our coast over the next couple weeks, and we’re seeing them twice in the city this weekend.

Going to wrap this up before I vomit. Love you, bye!