Displaying a collection is difficult.

I’ve got a decently sized collection of toys, and it’s becoming hard to display everything I want to. I switched to a mindset where I wanted a clear, concise view on my shelves, so I started rotating out figures as I saw fit.

Now I’m at a point where I really enjoy everything on display, and I’m running out of excess storage space. Dorena has offered to let me expand outside of my office, but it felt more like a platitude. Besides, I spend so little time in other rooms in the house that I wouldn’t appreciate the things I put out there.

Such conundrums.

My buddy, and fellow collector, Josh had an interesting display quandary that I helped out with this week, and I wanted to share what I came up with. He picked up some anniversary edition Power Ranger Morphers and wanted to stick them into a shadowbox. He snagged some dense shipping foam from work as a backing material, and it was up to me and Dorena to piece it together.

It was a fun challenge, and I’m quite pleased with the result. I used a small hobby hand saw to cut the correct dimensions for the box, then shaved out compartments with a paring knife and kitchen shears, so the coins and Morphers were held firmly in place.


Check it out! Pretty neat, right? I’m mildly concerned with the built in hook on the back being strong enough to support the weight, so I’m not sure how it’s going to go on the wall yet. I’ll have to ask Josh for a picture to share when it’s in place!