Metldown Week Addendum: The Honorable Mentions

When I started planning out my Meltdown week, there were about twenty clips I wanted to narrow down to my top five. Early on, I decided not to go with sports players/managers, or non-celebrities to help ease my process. Here’s some of my favorites that didn’t make the cut.

We’ll start with baseball legend, Tommy Lasorda.

Alec Baldwin has a huge meltdown over his daughter snubbing him.

Lily Tomlin on the set of I Heart the Huckabees. I had a tough choice between this one and the David O’Russell clip from the same set, but I think the David clip is a little more fleshed out.

This meltdown isn’t that great, but the facial expressions of the field reporter, after he slams his pad down, and that of the anchorman are absolutely priceless.

In times of crises, we tend to revert to our earlier times in life. In the case of this field reporter, he was a far less polished gentleman.

Ringo’s just too popular, and can’t handle his fan-mail any longer. He’s telling you shove it, with much peace and love.

The reactions from Mike Myers as Kanye goes off on a tangent are fucking spectacular, and his level of awkwardness slays me every time I watch this. For the record, I care about black people.

If I’ve missed any of your favorites this week, stop by the forum and share them with me. I can’t wait to see what I’ve forgotten!

Celebrity Meltdown Number One: Casey Kasem

I first heard this meltdown in the 90s, and it’s been my favorite since the first listen. This meltdown has provided my core group of friends countless amounts of laughter, and we spit out lines from it ad nauseum.

It’s really tough to get into this one, especially when coming out of an up-tempo number, but do give it a shot. Here’s Casey Kasem while recording bites for American Top 40.

Boy, this is fucking ponderous, man, ponderous! Fuckin’ ponderous!

There’s an extended cut, with five minutes of material, but the only copy I could find for this post was one with a couple of douchebags laughing and commentating over it. Stick with it if you can, because there’s some more good lines in it. Don’t feel bad if you stop the clip when you get to the death dedication again, it’s all downhill from there with this version.

Celebrity Meltdown Number Two: Bill O’Reilly

It was very difficult to narrow down to five clips for this week, and there was no further difficult decision than picking between my top one and runner up.

Much like yesterday’s post, this clip is very quotable. Here’s Bill O’Reilly from the set of Inside Edition.

Now, to play us out, whatever the fuck that means, here’s Family Guy’s fantastic frame-for-frame rendition. Stewie’s gonna do it live, fuck it! The fucking thing sucks!

Celebrity Meltdown Number Three: Christian Bale

There are so many great lines from this meltdown, but none surpass the sarcastic, “oh, good for you,” that comes out at 0:59 in the clip. It’s one of my all time favorite lines to throw at people, and it’s essential that everyone in my life knows where it originated.

Without further ado, here’s Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation.

Seriously, you and me? We’re done professionally. Fuckin’ ass.

Celebrity Meltdown Number Four: Tyra Banks

This one just nudged out David O’Russell for the four spot. It’s just so funny to me that Tyra takes her reality show so seriously. This broad that Tyra blows up at happens to be taking it at face value, and isn’t as vested emotionally.

Let’s see how Tyra handles the disrespecting of her award-winning show.

Three things I absolutely love about this clip:

  1. The music accentuation when she tells the bitch to shut up.
  2. She’s never, in her life, yelled at a girl like this before.
  3. We don’t know what she’s been through, as a successful model since the age of 15.