So this Lou Ferrigno maquette looks ridiculous

I’m a huge fan of the sometimes campy, but always intriguingly charming The Incredible Hulk series from the late-70s. I think they did a fantastic job telling the story of the Hulk, and you really got a sense of the pain Bruce Banner was fighting through every day of his existence.

I follow Marvelous News (as referenced in other posts around my blog), and I saw that a new 22″ maquette of the “Lou Ferrigno Hulk” was coming out, exclusively distributed through Big Bad Toy Store.

What an absolute disgrace this thing is. I mean, it just looks absolutely absurd, especially when compared to how decent Lou looked. Keep in mind that Lou donned a huge fluffy wig and fake eyebrows for the role. It’s almost like they found a generic picture on a Google Images search, stretched it out to a disproportionate size and used that to start the sculpt. Maybe they just hired a caricature artist, and they sculpted from that drawing. I see this as a shameful mocking of Lou, and they should have done much better.

I’m not a big bust/maquette guy to begin with, but this is just insanely terrible. Poor Lou. What I liked about that show was how Lou looked like a massive human being, but he was still human and had regular proportions. If I wanted a larger-than-life statue to add to my collection in his honor, I’d want it to actually look like him, not like it was a cheap comic-book adaptation of what that Hulk looked like. For shame!