Shit old broads say.

OB1: We were standing in the kitchen, and she said her mother was there with her, and you know, I take that very seriously. You know, my husband used to watch tv at ten, eleven o’clock, and after I’ve shut the tv off and gone to sleep, I wake up and it’s on. I know he’s watching tv.

OB2: mmmmm, yeah.

OB2: And I know that my first cat is still with me two. I’ll be in bed, and I’ll feel him kneading the blanket, but there’s no cat on the bed. He’s always with me.

OB1: yeah, he has to be. His spirit is in limbo and he’s just telling you he’s okay. He’ll stick around until you move on.

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I am Keith J. Frank, an overweight, acerbic, narcissistic, and sometimes lovable asshole that was born in June of 1983.

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