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I didn’t find any one thing I wanted to talk about today, but I figured it was time to get back into the blogging habit. I took a few days off after my marathon of posting at least once a day every day last month, and I was missing it.


First up is this NES/Famicom system, carved out of solid block of aluminum. It’s $500, and to have an adapter that upsacles it to 720 or 1080 is an additional $50. Same goes for a new controller or a custom, anodized color. The two things really throwing me off on this is how clean and modern the console looks, and the price. I’m all for a clean aethstetic, but it really conflicts with my nostalgia bias here.

For this price, you can wind up with a really solid mid-level gaming PC that plays NES roms…


Next up is this charming trio of Pokemon pixel art prints. TheDailyRobot crafted the outline and filled it with Kanto inspired landscapes. So neat!


Lastly, these crayon sculptures are fucking amazing. The details are made all the more impressive with the added color accents. He melts down other crayons to fill in. Make sure you check out the article that image came from for more examples, or check out his Etsy shop for even more.

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