Welcome to My Blog

This isn’t my first foray into blogging, in fact, my first blog started just about ten years ago. Over the years I’ve had various personal and professional blogs, and even tried mico-blogging to see if it could keep my interest up.

To be entirely fair, I can’t say that I’ve ever even started strong with blogging, so I can’t claim that I lost steam as time went by. I’ve always done it half-heartedly while trying to fit an arbitrary mold that I established at the time I set out to publish content.

I’ve been a huge fan of my buddy Jerry (derryx), who started blogging (again) regularly back in 2010. He started out on wordpress.com, and I helped him get established on his own domain. After the last batch of changes I rolled out with him, I was bitten by the blogging bug again.

I’m starting very barebones here, and not going to create a ton of categories and tags on things. I want this to expand organically, and I don’t want to feel pigeonholed.

I’m an open and honest guy, with what I think is a great sense of humor, so I’ll do what I can to entertain. I also browse the internet a lot so expect some posts sharing my finds. I make no guarantees about the types of content I publish, or the frequency with which I will publish said content, but rest assured that eventually you’ll get something worth reading from me.

Or not. Guess you’ll just have to keep reading to find out.