Different Perspectives

This comic is a new take on King Kong, depicting the unfortunate sap that had a window at just the right height for Kong’s junk to be pressed up against it.

The reason I love it is because as big of a fan I am of King Kong, and how many times I’ve watched the movies (classic and modern versions), I never once contemplated what a person in the building looking out at his crotch would see.

As a designer/developer, I often need to take a step back from what I’m working on to gain a new perspective about it. I have to clear my cache on the project, so my current inclinations don’t outweigh the possibility of a better idea coming through. This comic is a great metaphor for that.

It doesn’t matter how many times you review something, there’s always a possibility for a new take on it.

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I am Keith J. Frank, an overweight, acerbic, narcissistic, and sometimes lovable asshole that was born in June of 1983.

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