Celebrity Meltdown Number One: Casey Kasem

I first heard this meltdown in the 90s, and it’s been my favorite since the first listen. This meltdown has provided my core group of friends countless amounts of laughter, and we spit out lines from it ad nauseum.

It’s really tough to get into this one, especially when coming out of an up-tempo number, but do give it a shot. Here’s Casey Kasem while recording bites for American Top 40.

Boy, this is fucking ponderous, man, ponderous! Fuckin’ ponderous!

There’s an extended cut, with five minutes of material, but the only copy I could find for this post was one with a couple of douchebags laughing and commentating over it. Stick with it if you can, because there’s some more good lines in it. Don’t feel bad if you stop the clip when you get to the death dedication again, it’s all downhill from there with this version.

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