Easter Eggs in Toys

So I was looking at new Lego sets, since you can get an exclusive Hulk minifig if you order $50 or more from a Lego store or online, and this set came up in my search.

Yup, that monitor has Galaga on it. Amazing detail, Lego, truly. Pretty sure this set is going to wind up in my collection because I want a giant Hulk and Loki for him “puny god” smash, and that Galaga screen makes it all the more special.

This makes me wonder if any other toy company can get away with cool little Easter eggs like that. I guess it would have to be some sort of a playset, right?

Anyone out there ever notice one? I’m off to scour the Lego store to find more now.

Venom Toys in My Collection

As I alluded in my last post, I’m more of an early-on Venom fan. It’s tough finding toys for my collection that appease my taste, but I’ve got some very cool ones to show off.

Here’s the group.

Starting with the Super Hero Squad guys, here’s some close ups. Please excuse the shitty cell phone pictures, I can’t find our normal camera.

Classic (SHS)
Movieverse (SHS)
6" Sinister Six Box Set
6" Spider-Man Classics Line (Retooled/rereleased recently as the Mac Gargan Venom)
12" Marvel Legends Icons Series (Also comes as an 'unmasked' variant)