Blogging from my phone in a mall in Amityville.

Punk watching Lionheart soundcheck before their set in Brooklyn.

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister kidnapped me for a trip to the city to see a pair of concerts, featuring a band from the opposite coast. The show last night was incredible, and I’m sincerely grateful that she convinced me to accompany her.

All of the bands we saw last night were tight as hell. It’s so great seeing bands that have refined their stage presence this much. I’m a huge sucker for live music, and if your band can’t play live, I don’t give a shit how great your recordings sound.

IMG_20140413_162306Check out time at the hotel was 1:00 pm, and the show tonight’s not until 7:00. We grabbed lunch, and now we’re at a mall. Punk’s clothes shopping and I’m bored out of my fucking skull, so I’m standing on the second floor, overlooking a Starbuck’s kiosk. The pervtastic view is pretty great up here.

We’re going to check out Captain America to kill some more time since neither one of us has gone yet, and I’m really looking forward to it. I love the idea of the Winter Soldier, and the NSA overtones they’re alluding to in the trailers. We’ll see how well they pull it all off. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Cap movie, so my expectations are moderately reserved.

Whelp, I killed half an hour swiping this out, so I’m going to get a drink and find Punk. PHONE BLOGGING IS TOUGH. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

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