About Me

Everyone says they hate writing bios, but when they stake that claim it’s generally true. It’s awkward to sit down and summarize your life in an interesting way. Instead of having a concise breakdown of my life, I’ve chosen to ‘tag’ myself, with a couple handfuls of terms that summarize my life. I’ll tag posts with ‘bio‘ when I’m adding things that relate to my life on a personal level, so feel free to delve deeper into my persona by browsing those posts.

Tagged As: father, husband, proud brother, hardcore kid dude,  student, (former) employment support professional, (former) administrative assistant, (former) program manager, (former) direct support professional, (former) web designer, (former) php coder, (currently) over-weight, hat-wearer, confident, sarcastic, progressive, Yankees fan, baseball fan, Transformers collector