Clear Vision

The world is a fucking complicated place, and the complexity should not limit our emotional depth. I’m on the brink of another job change, less than three months into my current position. About this time last year, I started having similar feelings about the job I held then, and decided to move on. I need…… Continue reading Clear Vision


Later 2018! It’s been a hell of year. Professionally. Personally. Externally. Internally. I’ve wanted to write a few times over the last two months, but my head was too cloudy, and the pieces of what I wanted to share were too jumbled to put down. I’m in a place where my thoughts have settled a…… Continue reading Excelsior!

Settling In

I’ve been in the final stages of setting up and cleaning my new home office the last two days. There’s only about half an hour of cleaning to do at this point, so I’m sitting down to write. It’s my preferred option for task-avoidance. Will, my best friend and podcast partner, made a salient point…… Continue reading Settling In