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I’ve been making around nine posts a month on this site, usually talking about whatever strikes me at the moment that I’m inspired to post (like now). I’ve been struggling to find an identity for my blog, and I think if I had a more consistent approach to writing posts it’d be better for the handful of readers, and this writer.

My buddies derryX and The Fat Lantern have their niches –dining and comic books, respectively. Do I need to carve one out for myself too? I’m not sure what that’s going to be. I collect different types of toys (mostly Transformers, LEGO, and Marvel figures), so I could do posts about new things as I get them.

Last week, I picked up the turtles that I said I wanted just under a month ago, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with them. I’m really in the mood to take some pictures and talk them up, and I’m probably going to do that this weekend. So there’s one new post, and we’ll see how the figure reviewing pans out. I don’t know if that’s what I really want to delve on, though.

I’m 29 and I’ve listened to Howard Stern since I was ten or eleven, and I’ve always been inspired to be open and honest about things happening in my life. The problem is, I don’t actually open up about things the way I should, and shit tends to fester and get out of control. Then, it gets to a point where I’m entirely over-stressed and miserable, and it all comes out in a fervor of rage and anxious energy. Thanks, Mom, I got this from you!

It’s unhealthy and I need to break out of that habit. Maybe this will become a private journal that I publish publicly for ridicule and mocking. I’ve done it a few times in the past (check out posts I’ve tagged as ‘bio’), and they’ve been the least viewed posts on the site. I’m entertained by the idea of sharing things most people wouldn’t, but the reception hasn’t been as significant as I hoped. I like getting reactions to the things I do, and it seems that the really personal things aren’t what get the attention I want.

It seems to be the stories I tell about the things I encounter that really shine, so I guess I just need to have more interactions with people so I can tell more stories.

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I am Keith J. Frank, an overweight, acerbic, narcissistic, and sometimes lovable asshole that was born in June of 1983.

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