Episode Four: Cutting it Short


Keith and Will are back with a mix of fun and serious topics.

  • Star Wars
  • Are Comic Book Movies Taken Seriously?
  • Podcast Schedule
  • Music Acts Worth Paying For
  • An Embarrassing Will Story
  • Common Sense
  • Will’s Terrible Segues
  • Burnout
  • Does Keith Pick Fights?
  • Complacency
  • First Recording Mishap

Episode Three: It’s Okay to Fail

Podcast Description

  • Racial Slurs
  • Schticks: Good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Dad Jokes
  • Will’s Stand-up Routine
  • Meta Podcast Discussion
  • Dark Jokes
  • Sean Spicer bashing
  • Iron-Man
  • Exercise
  • Depression and moving on from it

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Episode Two: The Banana Split

Episode Description

The podcast continues! Join us as we settle in and explore some topics we’ve wanted to talk about this week.

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Podcast topics/feedback from listeners
  • Will’s Cape Cod vacation
  • Podcast Editing
  • Baseball’s Home Run Derby
  • Horse Racing/Saratoga
  • Fairs/Carnies/Depression
  • Keith and Will discuss their poor eating habits
  • Keith goes to Walmart and tells a story about an encounter
  • Keith talks too much shit about a previous client and awkwardly cuts it out of the final edit
  • Jumanji Trailer dropped, do we like it?
  • The Amish
  • Technology: Has it destroyed our family dynamic?
  • Presidents, states, education, and a little bit more!

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Episode One: Through the Wall

Episode Description

The podcast begins! Join us as we get our feet wet and explore some topics we’ve wanted to talk about this week. Some of the lengthier discussions include:

  • Podcast name/format/boundaries
  • Keanu Reeves/Speed
  • Great Escape Gondola Girl
  • Marriage/Separation/Mid-Life Crises
  • Wasting Money
  • Eating Out

Trigger Warning for special snowflakes: There is mild Trump bashing in this episode.

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