Episode Ten: Buzzkills

Episode Ten: Buzzkills
The Keith and Will Podcast

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Episode Description

It’s a little bit of a more serious episode this week, as we discuss the loss of someone special in our lives. We still joke around a lot, so don’t get too scared by the idea of us talking about death. Besides, if you’ve been listening for a while, you know how we get sidetracked by tangents!

  • Learning Languages
  • How Keith and Will Met
  • Funny Election Signs
  • A Death in the Family
  • No Wrong Way to Say Goodbye
  • Facebook Check-ins at Wakes
  • Humility and Respect
  • Expectations and Awareness
  • Types of Fandom
  • Hiking and Exploration
  • Leaving Work at the Door
  • NES Cartridges
  • Donations After Disasters

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Will in Obama's Press Corp -- January, 2011
Will in Obama’s Press Corp — January, 2011

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