Random stuff from around the ‘net.

I didn’t find any one thing I wanted to talk about today, but I figured it was time to get back into the blogging habit. I took a few days off after my marathon of posting at least once a day every day last month, and I was missing it.


First up is this NES/Famicom system, carved out of solid block of aluminum. It’s $500, and to have an adapter that upsacles it to 720 or 1080 is an additional $50. Same goes for a new controller or a custom, anodized color. The two things really throwing me off on this is how clean and modern the console looks, and the price. I’m all for a clean aethstetic, but it really conflicts with my nostalgia bias here.

For this price, you can wind up with a really solid mid-level gaming PC that plays NES roms…


Next up is this charming trio of Pokemon pixel art prints. TheDailyRobot crafted the outline and filled it with Kanto inspired landscapes. So neat!


Lastly, these crayon sculptures are fucking amazing. The details are made all the more impressive with the added color accents. He melts down other crayons to fill in. Make sure you check out the article that image came from for more examples, or check out his Etsy shop for even more.

Cellphone Photography

My phone has been fucking up lately, and I wanted to wipe it clean and flash a new ROM over a clean slate, and I figured it’d be a fun time to go through the pictures on there and pull out my favorite ones.The last time I did a full wipe on my phone was in late June last year, so these pictures fall somewhere between 6/25/13 and 5/1/14.

I trimmed down over three hundred shots to 48 favorites. Check ‘em out!

I never understood booing players.

Look at all these douche bags.

I love how quickly they change their tune when he steps out from behind the picture. What a bunch of inconsistent babies. They’re the guys that watch a bar fight from across the room, and then carry on for half an hour about how those guys were lucky they didn’t come over here and start something with them. Oh yeah, you’re such a big man until the action actually comes to a head.

The bigger problem I have with it is the booing of Robinson Cano as a sellout. Let’s reflect on that for a moment. Yankees fans booing someone for being a sellout. Yankees fans. The Yanks are the team that always overpay to steal talent away from other teams. The one time someone does it to your guy, you flip shit? Get a grasp on reality, moron.

I love Robbie as a player, but the Yanks have signed so many bad contracts for that duration/amount of money for people on the wrong side of thirty. I applaud their discretion for once.

I’ve been working out.

I’m going to turn 31 in June, and I’m leaving the “young invincibles” group. In late January, one of my molars chipped, due to severe decay. To that point, I had no thoughts of anything being wrong inside my mouth. I have never had any tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets, so this issue was pretty shocking. I eventually needed a root canal because the tooth became abscessed. It was a strong wake up call, and a major impetus of starting to take better care of myself.

At the end of February, I purchased my first scale (yup, I had that little data about my weight all this time) and began using Dorena’s treadmill. As a stats nerd, I did some measurements to check in with as I made progress.

Date Weight Neck Chest Waist Mile Time (Minutes)
2/28/2014 312.7 19.5 54.5 58.25 50
3/28/2014 292.1 19 53 56 35
4/28/2014 278.4 18 52 53 15

Yesterday, I did my normal half hour workout on the treadmill, which mixes inclines and speeds of walking/jogging and I felt really good. I decided to push myself and see what I could do while jogging as far as I could when I wrapped up my normal workout.

I did a mile in fifteen minutes, which is a major milestone for me. In high school, I believe we were expected to run a 13 minute mile. My best time was between 18 and 19 minutes. It’s nuts to think that after two full months I’m in better shape than I was 13 years ago.

All of this because I was a douche and didn’t take care of my teeth the way I should have. I know that regardless of the original motivation that it’s important to keep up the good work, and I’m going to. During my physical going into college, my weight was 215.

Here’s a picture of me on the way to my senior prom, in May of 2001. Look how scrawny I looked!


I don’t really have a target weight as a goal. I’m just going to go until I reach a point where I feel comfortable. Part of me likes being a big, intimidating dude, so maybe we’ll aim for the 220s somewhere, so I still have some girth. Whatever, I’m done here, so you are too. Get outta here, ya little scamp!

Mortality in the digital age.

There was a little extra piece of finality with my grandmother’s death over the weekend, with her grave marker finally being installed. The fact that it took this long is another story, but it got me thinking about what I want to do with my blog and social media profiles.

Presuming that the current big-hitters will still be around in sixty to seventy years, I think I’d want my Facebook and Twitter profiles to stay around. I don’t subscribe to the idea of an afterlife, so my original thoughts on the subject were to have the profiles removed. I’m gone, so my digital footprint should follow suit.

My stance has evolved, though, and I think they should stick around. Twenty years ago, when you died your journals and diaries would be handed down, right? Your photos are archived, regardless of you being the primary focus in the framing.

I look at Facebook as a digital photo album. I know there’s other uses for it, but I primarily use it as a semi-public photo sharing service. I decide who sees my photographs, and it’s no different than controlling a physical scrapbook or album. Twitter would probably be a major clusterfuck to my grandkids’ grandkids perusual, since its content is so situational to specific events with an added limitation of short remarks for context.

This blog is what interests me the most. I’d love to have a way to look back at what my great-great grandparents were thinking about when Lincoln was elected to the presidency. How any generation in my family’s past felt about all of the wars that happened… All of that is really fun to contemplate. You can gauge general consensus through microfiche, but unless there’s a letter to the editor published, we don’t have anything concrete.

Wouldn’t it be fun to amass an archive of how your family has leaned on social issues? Seeing if your ideals are vastly different from those two or three generations ago is intriguing to me. Is my view shaped directly in contrast to those most recently before me? Were theirs?

I’m really compelled by the thought of reading things my ancestors wrote, in their own words. The closest I can come to this presently is a journal my mother kept while she was pregnant with me. Experiencing her emotions as she prepared the nursery, the pride imbued by my grandparents that I was on the way… It’s just nice reading her words from the time.

That’s what my goal is with this blog now. I’ve been writing daily for almost a month and the catharsis is helping my mental stability. I want to put into my will that this blog live on for as long as humanly possible, so anyone interested can see what I was thinking in my own words. Think about that. Instead of having a nice pocket watch handed down, you get the honor of maintaining a 100-year-old blog by some old curmudgeon. Congratulations!

Besides, I get fucking annoyed when I go to sign up on a new web site as MetalFrog and the name is already taken. Imagine how pissed some dude or chick will be in 2094 when MetalFrog.us has been registered for 84 years! Suck shit, asshole, the name is mine!

PS: as I was tagging this entry, I was hit with a somber feeling. As a person that often plans for extensibility in my work, my tags for this post include “my will” and “ancestry.” Really putting my life into perspective in the form of hashtags. REAL.

PPS: That’s another interesting thing to consider… Internet lingo creates idioms that are extremely short-lived. Just think how “PWNED” makes you cringe now, and it’s only been six or seven years… Let’s hope Urban Dictionary, Encylopedia Dramatica, and Know Your Meme last as long as my blog.