I Pity the Fool

The Seussian A-Team by DrFaustusAU (on deviantArt)

DrFaustusAU is one of my favorite people on deviantArt. Not only does he post bitching Seuss-inspired art work, he does amazing Masters of the Universe interpretations, and he converts H.P. Lovecraft into early reader stories.

Raph and Casey Jones

Raphael and Casey Jones by Khary Randolph (on deviantArt)

I remember when I was five or six, my father and I went shopping for a toy for my friend’s birthday. We wound up grabbing a Michaelangelo, since it was the only turtle on the shelf. I had the other three, so I was sort of bummed out that my buddy was going to wind up with the only one I didn’t have.

Dad took me to five stores to find my own Mikey. Greatest day ever. It’s cool that the Turtles still get a lot of love, and I’m always up for fresh interpretations.