You should Google me, bro.

Welcome to Comment Gems

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and because of that, I see a lot of ridiculous comments made by random people. I’ve tried to train myself to ignore comments, but I’m always drawn back in. I’m going to start sharing the best of the best that I come across.

First up is Nigel, busting out a vicious retort after receiving a totes sick burn. The earlier commenter dissed our buddy Nigel by saying he might be able to afford a low-cost iPhone after it releases– as an upgrade to his Sidekick.

LOLOLOL! Can you imagine if this guy was still using a Sidekick!

ummmm NO I OWN a galaxy nexus, nexus 4 and a nexus one and a samsung epic 4g… ALONG with my Mac Book Pro. and a slew of other devices…. You should google me. i take up 3 pages bro.
Honestly I havent had a sidekick since it was made by sharp and maintained by Danger.
now do me a favor and go ahead and troll some where else.

Nigel Antonio

  1. Way to show off your e-penis by name-dropping devices. Silly me, I thought one phone was enough. I’ve clearly got a lot to learn.
  2. You search yourself enough to know how many pages you take up?
  3. Bro, I totally Googled you. Now I know that you’re an SEO guy –and part-time, badass DeeJay of awesome disc spinning. You think he brags about how his name is so well-ranked on Google to prospective clients? Bro, seriously, good for you that you’ve got an uncommon name on 15 different social networks. Totally fucking pro.
  4. Since he’s currently rocking so many phones, I bet back when Sidekick texting was a thing, he had a pager, a Palm Pilot, some Windows CE PDA, and a carphone too. He’s all about those tech gadgets!
  5. Responding to what you perceive as a troll attempt means you’ve lost to the troll.

Other things to note about this? The first Google image result is a mug shot of a different Nigel Antonio. Good thing that Nigel doesn’t have a Facebook because it’d totally fuck up this Nigel’s three pages of results.