Oh Baseball, You Make Me So Happy

Three things come to mind when I watch this short clip of Alex Rodriguez in the cage against David “Boomer” Wells.

  1. Alex’s timing is way off, Boomer’s making him look a little silly on the outside corner.
  2. Alex looks like he’s slimmed way down over the offseason
  3. Boomer looks like he can still pitch

Spring is about to Begin

big day tomorrow - first full squad workout of the season! if ur at GMS this wkend send us a photo & we'll RT our favs #questfor28
Yankees PR Dept.

As a baseball fan, and I mean that in the broadest sense possible, I only acknowledge two seaons:

  1. Baseball Season
  2. Winter

I know my target audience isn’t a bunch of guys that like baseball, but it’s a fairly large part of my life, so expect some baseball related posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to convey my adoration for the Nation’s Pastime without boring you non-baseball people to death.