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If you cook something, it will probably be hot, as will the vessel in which you cooked it.

One of the things Dorena and I like the most about TGI Friday’s is the selection of food prepared with Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce. When we came across this heat and serve product, we figured we’d pick it up and give it a go on a lazy night.

Expectations were pretty low, as we knew it was obviously not going to turn out as well as if we slow cooked it ourselves, but it hit the spot enough that we’d pick it up again for another lazy evening. This one chick on Walmart’s site doesn’t agree, though.

I normally get tony romas pulled pork because it’s a dollar cheaper but this time wanted to try chicken and I only saw Jack Daniels pulled chicken so decided to get that. Big mistake, the bbq sauce is not as tasty and the meat is not as flavorful as Tony romas. I’ll stick with tony romas pulled pork, hopefully they have the chicken one so I can try that as well since I prefer chicken over pork as in health reasons but prefer pork over chicken as in taste.

The reason I made this post was for the package. In the heating instructions, they provide truly insightful advice.


Oh, really? Good lookin’ out, JD. Good lookin’ out.

The Final Push

I haven’t really said much of this out loud to very many people, but I’ve been battling depression rather poorly for the last year and a half. While I was severely depressed, the things I’ve always enjoyed and was passionate about didn’t seem to matter as much.

I’ve been feeling pretty positive about the direction I’ve been heading lately, and the last couple weeks have been the first time I’ve been genuinely happy. I mean, actually happy, over consecutive days. It’s a major milestone for me… I’m greatly enjoying baseball, my music, toys, and coding again. It hasn’t been the case at all since the fall of 2012.

I got pretty good at faking joviality, or at least I thought I was getting away with pretending to be happy around people. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate their company, or that I didn’t really enjoy being around them, it was just that once our time was over, I sank right back into being miserable. It’s pretty easy to distract yourself from your own mind when there’s a person dragging you out to dinner.

It’s annoying because I’ve always prided myself on being pragmatic and logical, so in my head I’ve always had the plan of how to move on. Having the thoughts and actually pushing through and confronting this shit were two different things. I made a big shift in my plan of attack about a month ago, and the dividends are finally showing.

I’m getting my confidence and sarcasm back, and my motivation is pretty much there. I’ve just had enough with losing complete track of time. Days, weeks, months just seemed to disappear without any recollection of what happened during the spans. I don’t want to live that way, and to push through once and for all, I had a span of three weeks where I was just mentally exhausted daily.

I had to constantly battle my own mind to stay positive and focused. As tired as I was every night during that concentrated struggle, you’d think I was participating in some extremely difficult manual labor.  It’s been a very long road, and I’m relieved that I’m seeing the signs of it being remedied.

Part of me doesn’t want to publish this because I think it’s too personal. That part of me also reminds me that I don’t like this type of attention drawn on myself. I’ve always been one to keep my deepest feelings to myself, regardless of how unhealthy it is to do so. It’s a strategy that has never worked in my life, often resulting in eruptions of raw emotion when things fester beyond a breaking point.

I finally decided to go for it so the people that happen to read it will understand my erratic behavior over the last 18 months. I also think that if I reached out to more people and asked for support, I would have snapped out of it quicker. I don’t know. I’m optimistic that it’s the correct course of action.

I love Lake George

I know people complain that it’s touristy, but it’s one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m a sucker for water, and being near it centers me. It’s so serene and relaxing watching the waves ripple, and taking in the sensation of the wind blowing onto shore.

Lake George from the viewing dock

I feel so at peace in urban environments; I enjoy the pavement, the structures, and constant buzz you get from active cities. Maybe that’s why I like touristy locales like Lake George and St. Augustine, Florida. I get the best of civilization and nature all in one spot.

Since I only took that one picture that’s featured above, here’s a gallery of pictures I stole from my sister and psuedo-brother, Will.

I redid some lighting today!

The shelf next to my desk — er, rather, attached to my desk — is where I put the toys I’m most enamored with so I can easily fiddle with them as I see fit. When I bought the shelf from Ikea, it was twelve 13″ x 13″ cubes, so I set the lights up to wrap into each cube, around the dividing wall.

I had the idea recently that I’d like the shelves to be open instead, so I took the dividers out to leave me with two large spaces. I only have one decent picture with an example of how it looked.


My OCD finally caught up to me, and I decided to unload the stuff on the shelving unit and redo the lights properly. I swear it doesn’t look like this much stuff when it’s all set up properly, but on the floor it looks like a lot!


The lighting is finally on point, so all I have to do is get everything all posed and in place again…


It also gave me an excuse to set up the scanner the old man got me for Christmas. Four months isn’t that bad, right? Right?