I’ve pushed enough. Let’s wrap this shit up.

This is (hopefully) the final installment of the Push series. Maybe it’s time for pulling? Pause. Why at 3am on a Saturday of a week where I’ve been burning at both ends on four to five hours of sleep each day? Because my creativity likes to say “fuck you” to common sense. Let’s write a two-thousand … Continue reading I’ve pushed enough. Let’s wrap this shit up.

What a great weekend!

I had a fantastic weekend hanging out with my sister. Even though there’s eight years between us, we’ve always been extremely close. Since Dorena and I moved out on our own, our time together has dwindled, and I cherish the chances we have to be alone together. There’s about four people in my life that I … Continue reading What a great weekend!

Blogging from my phone in a mall in Amityville.

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister kidnapped me for a trip to the city to see a pair of concerts, featuring a band from the opposite coast. The show last night was incredible, and I’m sincerely grateful that she convinced me to accompany her. All of the bands we saw last night were tight as … Continue reading Blogging from my phone in a mall in Amityville.

Size Matters

There’s something that’s always spoken to me about Spider-Man and his villains. They all had human problems, often without clear-cut solutions. Venom was the best of the best. A dude that was jaded and corrupted, constantly torn between right and wrong. The only thing he knew, though, was that Peter Parker was the cause of … Continue reading Size Matters

About Me

Everyone says they hate writing bios, but when they stake that claim it’s generally true. It’s awkward to sit down and summarize your life in an interesting way. Instead of having a concise breakdown of my life, I’ve chosen to ‘tag’ myself, with a couple handfuls of terms that summarize my life. I’ll tag posts … Continue reading About Me