Easter Eggs in Toys

So I was looking at new Lego sets, since you can get an exclusive Hulk minifig if you order $50 or more from a Lego store or online, and this set came up in my search.

Yup, that monitor has Galaga on it. Amazing detail, Lego, truly. Pretty sure this set is going to wind up in my collection because I want a giant Hulk and Loki for him “puny god” smash, and that Galaga screen makes it all the more special.

This makes me wonder if any other toy company can get away with cool little Easter eggs like that. I guess it would have to be some sort of a playset, right?

Anyone out there ever notice one? I’m off to scour the Lego store to find more now.

Shit old broads say.

OB1: We were standing in the kitchen, and she said her mother was there with her, and you know, I take that very seriously. You know, my husband used to watch tv at ten, eleven o’clock, and after I’ve shut the tv off and gone to sleep, I wake up and it’s on. I know he’s watching tv.

OB2: mmmmm, yeah.

OB2: And I know that my first cat is still with me two. I’ll be in bed, and I’ll feel him kneading the blanket, but there’s no cat on the bed. He’s always with me.

OB1: yeah, he has to be. His spirit is in limbo and he’s just telling you he’s okay. He’ll stick around until you move on.

Shit old broads say.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I’ve finally made up my mind to go for it. There’s this trio of old broads at work that have old broad conversations every day. Once in a while they say something that I find funny, so I am going to chronicle their old broad insights from time to time.

Old Broad 1: She was going to take my son camping this past weekend, but, I’m sorry. It’s Mother’s Day. I know she’s wrapped up in her cancer thing, but come on. You’ve only got one mother-in-law, and she’d like to see her son.

Old Broad 2: Ohhhhhhhh, how can she be so bad?

OB1: Yeah, she changed her tune real fast when I spoke up about it. How ignorant.

OB2: mmmmmm. You told her.

Oh, Office Postings

I very rarely talk about things at work publicly, since I’d rather not risk getting yelled at for making fun of things, but this sign needs to be shared and discussed. I work in the office portion of our building, which runs the same length of the warehouse on the front-side of the building, with the kit room (where packaged components are assembled) in the warehouse. The lunchroom/kitchen are on the opposite end of the building, and it’s easier to walk through the office from the kit room to get to the kitchen.

Well, it was, until the kibosh was put on it with this sign pasted on every door in the building:

This sign is the epitome of what I hate about office politicking. You dirty dregs of society that technically work in the same building aren’t good enough to walk through the office. Your appearance is distracting and we just can’t risk the impact to our productivity when you’re walking through for 35 seconds. Or something to that effect. I didn’t write the sign, so I have no idea what the real motives behind it were, but it strikes me as disrespectful. I guess walking into the office to speak to HR is okay, although you probably should leave through the same door so it doesn’t appear as if you’re cutting through. Maybe it’s easier to call into the office and have people come out to you, so you don’t even come into the office at all.

Besides, how obnoxious is this sign? It’s in all caps with multiple exclamation points and bold/underlined words for emphasis. It reads more like an angry child ranting about a pet peeve, rather than an official posting of a recently enacted company policy.

No, that’s my sandbox, and you can’t put your Tonka truck into it! Seems totally legitimate.